'Raped' Teen Says She Lied

A 17-year-old girl yesterday recanted an allegation that a 32-year-old Tel Aviv man held her hostage for three days and tried to rape her. Police suspect she was romantically involved with the man and made the allegation after a dispute between the two. The girl, who is from Netivot, told police on Sunday night that she came to the man's apartment in north Tel Aviv after meeting him over the Internet, and that he tried to force her to have sex with him.

In a separate case yesterday, police arrested a 22-year-old man suspected of raping another 17-year-old who was attending a party at a Hod Hasharon apartment complex.

In the case involving the Netivot girl, she initially claimed that after she refused the accused's advances, he trapped her over a period of three days until Sunday night, when she managed to escape while he was showering. She added that the man noticed her fleeing and even began chasing her while threatening to harm her. The man was brought to the Tel Aviv District Court yesterday, where his detention was extended for an additional two days.

His accuser later broke down during questioning, telling police that she had fabricated the entire story because of a dispute with the man. Police released the suspect and opened a criminal investigation of the girl instead.

In the Hod Hasharon case, several days ago a 22-year old man allegedly raped a 17-year Hod Hasharon girl in his apartment in the city after she felt unwell at a pre-induction party for one of her friends in the same apartment complex. The accused reportedly invited the girl to his room, and according to Sergeant Major Yaniv Hindi of the Kfar Sava police, "in all innocence, she though he was really offering to help her, but when they entered his room, he began to force her to engage in sexual relations and despite her resistance, he managed to undress her and rape her."

A group of the girl's female friends at the party, who saw her leave the party with the suspect, were suspicious and proceeded to the suspect's room. They then tried to enter and shouted out the girl's name. "In all probability, the friends' screams frightened the suspect and the young woman managed to push him off her and get out of the room," Chief Superintendent Shai Azulay of the Kfar Sava police said.