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On-line Cancer Support for Families; a New Library; a Jewish Student Leader

Anglo readers can now access some 50,000 free books online, thanks to the country's first English e-library.

Children participating in the Jeremy's Circle Hanukkah event.
Pamela Becker

OPENING THE CANCER SUPPORT CIRCLE: Jeremy’s Circle, whose mission is to create a supportive community for youth who have a close family member with cancer, has launched a new, interactive website. “Our community has said they’d like to comment on activities and send us questions,” former New Yorker Pamela Becker, who worked on the new website with the help of Ido Schmidt and Howie Weiner, told Haaretz on Wednesday. “Now it’s all in one place. The landing page is where they sign up for events and we can post photos,” noted Becker, who co-founded the charity in 2008 in memory of her husband, Jeremy Coleman, with his sisters Juliette and Naomi Coleman. After running a Hanukkah event for over 250 people, the next one is planned for Purim. For more info, visit www.jeremyscircle.org/.

FREE ENGLISH EBOOKS: AACI, the Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel, has introduced the first English-language eLibrary in Israel. The AACI Sharon Woodrow Memorial eLibrary was developed in partnership with digital innovator Library Ideas, the association announced. It contains 50,000 titles that are suitable for all ages, enabling eBooks library members to read their chosen books on computers and mobile devices. Sharon Woodrow’s sister, Diane Romm, said that when Sharon moved to Haifa from her native New York in 1990 with her husband Paul Glaser, she was dismayed by the dearth of quality English language literature. So, she launched several book clubs and book exchange groups, recalled Romm, who contacted Library ideas after Sharon passed away in 2014, and then brought in AACI. For more information, visit www.aaci.org.il/elibrary.

NEW LEADER FOR WUJS: The former president of Britain’s Union of Jewish Students, has taken the top job at the World Union of Jewish Students. Joe Tarsh, a graduate of Manchester Metropolitan University now known as Yosef Tarshish, began his two-year stint this month. “One of our main projects is building up the numbers for our annual congress,” Tarshish, a London native who moved to Israel in July 2014, told Haaretz yesterday. The Bnei Akiva graduate added that he plans on launching a number of projects for gap year students in Israel like global conferences for student journalists, women campus leaders and LGBT campus leaders. The previous British chairman of WUJS was Oliver Worth, who hails from Scotland. He served 2010-2012.

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