Rank and File: Aliyah Day Becomes Official Holiday

Steve Klein
Steven Klein
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A scene from ‘The High School.’
A scene from ‘The High School.’ Credit: Tadese Tarekegn
Steve Klein
Steven Klein

HURRAY FOR US: Aliyah Day will become an official holiday starting next year, after the Knesset passed a bill on Tuesday. It will be celebrate on the 10th of the Hebrew month of Nisan, the day Israel Israel crossed the Jordan River into Canaan, according to the Bible. Immigrants’ contributions to Israel are to be acknowledged with educational and cultural events on the seventh of Heshvan. The bill was co-sponsored by Yisrael Beiteinu MK Robert Ilatov and Zionist Union MKs Avraham Nagosa, Miki Zohar and Hilik Bar, a rare instance of across-the-aisle cooperation. “It is incredibly meaningful that we as young Jews can connect the Biblical historical truth of Joshua crossing the Jordan to our modern practical reality,” said Jay Shultz, the founder of TLV Internationals and the President of the Am Yisrael Foundation.

YIDDISHKEIT: On Tuesday, Broadway in Israel, one of the newest theater initiatives in Israel’s English-speaking community, sponsored its first major production, Arnold Perl’s “The High School.” Based on a short story by Sholom Aleichem, it was presented by The Tzfat Community Theater Group, in Safed. The play featured former New Yorker Howard Schechter, Diana Marcovitz (Montreal), Shmuel Ofanansky (Denver), his daughter Aravah Ofanansky, Raymond Ravinsky (South Africa), Tziporah Waternov (Chicago), Ruvein Deicht (California) and Anya Kaplun. Meanwhile, The Stage TLV, the English-language performing arts organization, has announced its fifth workshop series, which begins on Sunday in Tel Aviv. This year’s crop includes “Scene Study” with Udi Razzin, The Stage’s artistic director; “Musical Theater” with musical director and playwright Dan Schwartzman, a native of New York; and “Improv 101” with performer and teacher Adaya Turkiya, who hails from Australia. For more info, visit thestagetlv.com. 

DUBLIN IN TEL AVIV: All around the world, fans of James Joyce celebrate Bloomsday on June 16, the day in 1904 that his novel “Ulysses” took place. In Dublin, participants retrace the route of the book’s protagonist, Leopold Bloom, through the city. The Israel Ireland Friendship League is joining in the celebration with a “Kahol Lavan Yarok” (Blue White and Green) night of open-air entertainment at the Shamrock Irish Beer Garden in Netanya on Tuesday. IIFL Chairman Malcolm Gafson told Haaretz there will be a “unique ethnic fusion of live Israel Irish music and song performed by The Gabriella Lewis Band.” He added the event will be honored with the presence of Irish Ambassador Alison Kelly and Israeli deputy ambassador designate to Ireland Orli Weitzman. For more info, call Malcolm at (050) 822-1732.

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