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Food for all; the rewards of reading; and outstanding immigrants

British immigrants and tourists volunteering at Leket, Israel’s Main Logistics Center
last week
Micky Brandt

FOOD FOR ALL: Giving extra meaning to the usual summer holiday, tourists joined British immigrants to sort and pack vegetables for the needy at the main logistics center of Leket Israel, the national food bank. “The vegetables and fruit had all been rescued from destruction or ending up in landfills,” said Zara Pomson-Provisor, the U.K. development coordinator of Leket Israel, which delivers surplus food to an average of 175,000 people every week. “We experienced a little bit hands-on how the thing operates,” volunteer Michael Wreschner told Haaretz. “It was all produce that farmers had rejected, but there was absolutely nothing wrong with them, perfectly edible,” said the immigrant from London. “We rolled up our sleeves and did our stuff, which was enjoyable and meaningful.”

THE REWARDS OF READING: Jelly, the Jerusalem English language library of the Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel (AACI), is honoring youths who read at least 10 books this summer with an ice cream party this Tuesday. After children bring in their reading lists, somebody from Jelly will talk to them about the books, Debra Slonim, a member of the library’s board, told Haaretz.“It’s the sweetest thing,” said Slonim, who immigrated from Melbourne over 28 years ago and got involved through her own children. “You can assume they’re coming for ice cream but they’re really happy to talk about the books they’ve read.” She said there will be a main event, which is being kept a secret, and that children will be able to take a book home with them. “Parents can also learn about story reading in their area,” she added. To register, call the AACI at (02) 561-1181.

OUTSTANDING IMMIGRANTS: Do you know an immigrant who deserves Israel’s gratitude? Immigrant Absorption Minister Sofa Landver is looking for a few good immigrants to recognize in a new initiative to grant a “shield of appreciation to olim for extraordinary contributions to society and the state,” the ministry has announced. Eligible candidates must be at least 21 years old, have received immigrant status or been eligible for immigrant status since January 1, 1984 and have lived in the country the past five years. A ministry spokesperson told Haaretz that a ministry committee will grant up to three awards, which the minister will present on Aliyah Day in October. She added there will be a separate award for cultural contributions. The deadline for submitting nominations is Friday, September 1. For details, call Rachel Goldshmidt, the committee coordinator, at (02) 675-2689 or visit the ministry’s website: http://www.moia.gov.il/English/Pages/Olim-Award.aspx

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