Ran Erez Reelected Head of Teachers Union

Ran Erez was elected by a narrow margin yesterday to an additional term, his fifth, as chairman of the Secondary School Teachers Association, ending at least for the time being an election campaign that was marked by controversy and personal attacks.

David Friedman, who had challenged Erez for the leadership of the union, filed a petition with the Central District Court in Petah Tikva yesterday seeking to annul the election results and to conduct new elections.

In another development, a conference which the union held over the weekend resolved to establish a new organization under its auspices for elementary school teachers, which would compete with the Israel Teachers Union. Erez noted that the Israel Teacher's Union is also open to secondary school teachers, and now an affiliate of the Secondary School Teachers Union will be open to primary school teachers.

In his court petition, Friedman said the election of Erez was conducted in violation of norms of democracy, transparency and fairness. Similar court petitions that Friedman filed during the current election campaign were rejected by the courts. Friedman called the reelection of Erez "sad."

Erez said in response that "Friedman does not know how to lose with honor."