Ramon Inclined to Remain in Politics

MK Haim Ramon's inclination is to remain in politics and accept a senior cabinet seat, like finance, if it is offered, confidants of the former justice minister said yesterday.

However, Ramon is still pondering leaving politics altogether and will make up his mind after completing the community service the court sentenced him to after his conviction for indecent assault.

Ramon met Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Pesach eve to discuss his possible return to the cabinet. They agreed to meet again in a few weeks, after Ramon completes his community service, to decide what public position he will be given, should he decide to continue with his political career.

Ramon was sentenced to 120 hours of community service, which he intends to carry out at the Therapeutic Riding Center in Tel Mond.

By the time Ramon finishes his service, it is assumed that Finance Minister Abraham Hirchson will have resigned due to the investigation currently under way against him. During that time, the Winograd Committee is expected to release its interim conclusions, which could also have significant repercussions for the government.