Rainfall Levels Rise for Three Years Running

For the first time in 53 years, Israel has experienced three consecutive rainy seasons (December, January and February) in which precipitation has been above the seasonal average, the Meteorological Service reported yesterday.

The results of a sample of 21 measuring stations, from the north of the country to Be'er Sheva in the south, indicate that annual rainfall was 17 percent above the seasonal average. The Meteorological Service reported, however, that even though rainfall levels were a little above the seasonal average, precipitation in the north of the country was 40 percent above average, compared to the center and the south of the country, where it hovered around the seasonal average.

In Haifa, 635 mm of rain were measured - 37 percent above the seasonal average. In Jerusalem, by contrast, only 397 mm of rain fell, about 93 percent of the average. In Sdeh Boker, in the south, only 51 mm of rain fell - 70 percent of the seasonal average. Even though the rainy season is officially over, the Meteorological Service says it still expects rain in the coming weeks.