Prosecutors Wrapping Up Indictments Against Topaz, Three Others

The Tel Aviv prosecutor's office has been working for the past week on indictments against entertainer Dudu Topaz and three accomplices who allegedly helped him orchestrate attacks on top media figures.

Topaz reportedly confessed to orchestrating attacks on Reshet executive Shira Margalit, Keshet CEO Avi Nir and entertainment agent Boaz Ben-Zion.

Indictments are also expected against Topaz's neighbor Daniel Zenko, who allegedly served as a middleman and put Topaz in contact with the men who allegedly carried out at least one attack, Hiadra Suleiman and Ayman Zbedat.

The four will be charged with conspiracy, aggravated assault, causing serious bodily harm and obstructing a criminal investigation.

Police say they almost have finished the investigations into the three assaults.

Topaz also has confessed to ordering surveillance on other entertainment figures, including Erez Tal, Zvika Hadar and Avri Gilad.

Topaz was hospitalized briefly last week after attempting to commit suicide in his cell in a Tel Aviv detention center. He is now under 24-hour observation.

Suleiman and Zbedat deny involvement in the attacks, but police say their fingerprints were found on the car of Margalit's domestic partner, Ilan Shiloah.

Zenko has reportedly acknowledged involvement in ordering the assault on Ben-Zion, allegedly carried out by Mohammed Yunis of Arara and Roman Aleyev of Ramle. Police believe they have enough evidence to arrest the two, but their whereabouts are now unknown.

Ofir Sasportas of Hadera, the alleged intermediary in the assault on Avi Nir, turned himself into the police on Thursday. Police are now trying to determine who committed the actual attack.