Profs Sign Letter of Support for TAU President

Two weeks after the sudden resignation of Tel Aviv University president Zvi Galil, the dispute over the circumstances of his departure continues.

An open letter of support for Galil, signed by 275 senior TAU professors, will be released today.

The letter was an expression of the "great discomfort with the conduct of the university's executive council, which led to the resignation," said one signatory. "If there were no protest, there would not have been a letter."

The letter, addressed to Galil, is worded carefully. "We do not wish to debate the reasons leading to your actions," it states.

Galil has declined to comment.

"Your sudden resignation from your position as university president took us completely by surprise, both in its timing and its content. We, senior professors from across the campus, seek to express our esteem for your great endeavors on behalf of the university during your term in office, and our deep regret over your resignation," the letter said.

Galil held his post for only two years.

The letter states its purpose is to "celebrate your great contribution to the university throughout your term as president. You fought mightily to advance the university on a number of levels, during a period of great crisis in Israeli academia."