Canada Appoints pro-Israeli Lawyer as Ambassador

Hoping to solidify ties with Israel, Canada's PM will visit Israel this month for the first time, report says.

A Toronto law professor critical of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas was named Canada's next ambassador to Israel, the National Post reported Wednesday.

According to the report, the appointment of Hebrew University alumna Vivian Bercovici reflects Ottawa's increasingly pro-Israeli line.

As a columnist to the Toronto Star, Bercovici frequently censured the Palestinian leaders for “their collective ideological commitment to the total destruction of the state of Israel, which they regard as a blasphemous blight on the Arab and Muslim worlds,” the Post said, adding that she also slated the United Nations for lagging in action to fight human rights violations in Iran and Egypt.

In contrast, she has expressed her respect to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for staunchly striving to enhance national security, the Post said.

Bercovici has been practicing law for two decades, specializing in aboriginal affairs and media, a report in CTV said. In addition, she served on several boards of Canadian journalist foundations. According to CTV, her brief service as senior policy advisor in Ontario's financial ministry during the 1990's is her sole experience in government work, and she is a mother of two.

Under the leadership of Canadian Prime Minister Stephan Harper, who is set to visit Israel for the first time this month, Canda's government has been aiming to cement its support of Israel and its policies, the National Post reported.

“The Harper government will continue to affirm our government’s unfailing support for Israel’s right to exist in peace and security, as well as the close and long-standing relationship that exists between both countries,” a Conservative source told the Post.