The Mills of Justice

A year ago, I requested that the attorney general share with the public information about the complaint submitted in 2004 by former Mossad chief Zvi Zamir and two senior members of Military Intelligence against former MI chief Eli Zeira. The complaint was issued in connection with suspicions that Zeira had revealed the name of Egyptian agent Ashraf Marwan, whose body was found in June 2007 under the porch of his London home. Marwan was considered the best spy Israel ever had.

A Justice Ministry spokesman said at the time in response: "We hope that a decision will be made as quickly as possible."

Half a year has passed, and here is the latest response: "As we informed the representative of the plaintiff in the case, the issue is being examined during these weeks in the office of the attorney general and there has even been an initial discussion attended by the state prosecutor and representatives of the relevant bodies. No decision has as yet been taken on the issue, and the attorney general plans to hold another discussion."

This week I asked the attorney general, Yehuda Weinstein, through his spokesman, whether he believes that seven years is a reasonable amount of time to make a decision. The response: "The attorney general's office has informed us that the decision will be made soon." I'm holding my breath.