Public Support

More than 70 percent of the public support the right to parenthood for gays and lesbians according to a survey commissioned by the Proud Family conference.

The internet survey of around 500 Jewish men and women conducted last month also found, however, that 40 percent of respondents considered single-sex families to be deviant. Thirty-five percent believe that single-sex families are ordinary in every respect and about 25 percent believe they are fairly ordinary.

The poll,conducted by the Panels and Elixir research institutes, questioned a representative sample of the adult Jewish population in Israel, of whom 60 percent were parents. About 70 percent of respondents said they were prepared for their children to visit the homes of single-sex families but only 60 percent would consent to their children sleeping over there. More women than men said they would agree to sleepovers at a home where the parents are gay or lesbian.

The proportion of those agreeing was higher in the center of the country than in the north, the south or the Jerusalem area. More of the 18-25 age groups opposed the idea than did older respondents.