Fukra: The Family Got the Entire Amount

According to Fukra, the "facts [presented here] are incorrect and, apparently, interested parties that want to blacken the name of the undersigned are behind all this. Regarding the foreign workers and the residents of the Palestinian Authority, the appellants were always made fully aware of the decisions [of the court]. Some of the foreign workers lodged complaints with the Immigration Police, which recently reached the conclusion that the files should be closed for lack of any incriminating evidence. The same fate that befell the complaints lodged with the Immigration Police will befall the complaints or claims made against the undersigned; in other words, all the files will be closed for lack of any incriminating evidence and because the complaints are completely false. Regarding the Abu Abid family, the undersigned will argue that the family received all its money, down to the very last agora. Moreover, in the course of delivering an son who was born to the couple in Jenin about 15 years ago, one of the newborn's eyes was damaged and, as a result of that delivery, he cannot see with that eye. In light of this situation, the undersigned contributed the sum of NIS 6,000 as a donation toward an operation on the child's eye; this was a gesture of good will. The Abu Abid family was fully informed of the proceedings (concerning the son's estate) and was present at those proceedings. The family knew precisely what was going on."

Regarding the Samounis of Gaza, Fukra states, "Mr. Salah Samouni initiated contact with the undersigned and sent all the relevant data."

Fukra notes that he was interviewed by Israel Television's Channel 1 and on the Nazareth-based A-Shams radio and that, in a direct broadcast, contact was made with the members of the family who pointed out that he was representing them. "The Samouni family members called me dozens of times, and sent me all the material by e-mail and fax," writes Fukra in his reply.

However, in a conversation with Salah Samouni and his lawyer, both repeatedly stressed that they had not provided Fukra with power of attorney to represent them, and that Fukra initially contacted Samouni, who then cooperated with him.

The Israel Bar Association responded: "It is not the role of the Israel Bar Association to determine whether or not the actions taken can be considered criminal."