Zelekha Plans to Go Ahead With Yahav Tender Despite Deal

The treasury's accountant general, Yaron Zelekha, has informed the rest of the ministry's senior management over the weekend that he intends to continue with the Bank Yahav tender according to the original plan - unless he receives an order in writing, and only in writing, from Attorney General Menahem Mazuz or State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss instructing him otherwise.

This is in spite of, and in opposition to, the agreement reached last week between the treasury and the Histadrut labor federation and employee unions over the postponement of the tender for three months.

The tender is intended to replace Bank Yahav's monopoly over providing subsidized services to state employees with an open-bidding process among commercial banks.

There is now quite a bit of embarrassment among the heads of the Finance Ministry over the matter. Last Wednesday, the treasury's director general, Joseph Bachar, agreed to the postponement.

Zelekha notified all the parties involved that such a decision was illegal, and he - and the tenders committee appointed for the matter - are solely responsible for the tender process according to the law.