Yair Lapid Wants His News Show and Hapoalim as Well

Media personality Yair Lapid has been tapped by Channel 2 television to be a news presenter on its Friday night news show, Ulpan Shishi, but he insists that he be free to continue endorsing Bank Hapoalim in ad campaigns too.

Lapid, son of reporter-cum-politician Tommy Lapid and a writer by his own right, are negotiating for his return to the screen as host of Ulpan Shishi - the flagship show of the Channel 2 News Corporation. He would take the seat in early 2008.

At present, Ulpan Shishi is hosted by Aharon Barnea, who tops the list to become Channel 2's reporter in Washington.Lapid's last job on television was host of a weekly talk show. He also writes a weekly column for Yedioth Ahronoth, and in recent years, has been the face of Bank Hapoalim in ad campaigns.

A source near Nurit Dabush, chairwoman of the Second Television and Radio Authority, told TheMarker that the council is unhappy about the idea: It wants to draw clear lines between news presenters and front men in ad campaigns.

When another highly popular TV news personality Gadi Sukenik, wanted to campaign for Leumi Mortgage, he had to accept a 3-month cooling-off period. "Obviously the Authority won't let Yair Lapid be part of the news and represent a firm," he said.