Who Wants to Unseat Meara - and Why?

Amidar's acting executive director, Tamar Meara, has been troubled since assuming her post about a year ago. Besides the day-to-day running of the company, she has to suffer calls from both inside and outside saying she is to be ousted from her position because of faulty management of the company's affairs.

Last week, Amidar's board of directors was due to discuss another demand for Meara's dismissal. That debate was initiated by board member Moshe Dolgin; the five board members who support Meara were absent from the meeting.

Meara was chosen over Yair Maayan, whose candidacy was supported by Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Ever since, there have been calls for Meara's dismissal. About two months ago, the Government Companies Authority, headed by Eyal Gabbai, called for the postponement of Meara's permanent appointment to the position, due to "a series of suspected improprieties and her unsound management that goes against company procedures."

The suspicions were based on a letter sent by company employees saying Meara "ignores company procedures" and has "instituted a reign of terror among company workers, frequently uses lies and deception, encourages informing, the humiliation of managers and actions whose legality is suspect," all aimed at "promoting her interests so that she can gain a permanent appointment as director of Amidar."

In her response to that letter, Meara argued that the employees' letter was libelous and groundless. She said that for a long time the authority has been trying to sabotage her appointment because it wants to use the director's position to make a political appointment.

One of the board members who was absent from the meeting said the demands to oust Meara are politically motivated by Netanyahu's wish to appoint someone else.

The member noted that the absence of various members from the meeting was coincidental and there will be another board meeting in about two weeks.