'Who Packed Your Bags?' - at Home in Your Living Room

If you want to avoid waiting in line for the security check at the airport, then El Al has an offer for you.

Yesterday the airline's management presented a new early check-in service. For $49 per person for up to four people and only $5 for each additional traveler, passengers can complete the check-in - including the all-important security check, while still at home or at the office. Between 24 and six hours before the flight, a steward and a security officer come to the appointed address and carry out the entire security and check-in procedure, at the end of which the passenger receives a boarding pass and the luggage is taken to the airport.

The service will be provided by Home Check-in, a company belonging to the Shahar group. It is owned by Nehorai Nativ, along with former basketball player Nadav Henefeld and former Mossad chief Shabtai Shavit.

Passengers using the service proceed directly to passport control after arriving at the airport with their hand luggage.

The service can be ordered by telephone, including the place and time of the check-in. Prices for groups begin at $15 per person, for at least six passengers. The service is for El Al flights only, and is currently provided only in the central region - between Netanya in the north, Gedera in the south and Jerusalem in the east.

El Al CEO Haim Romano, speaking at the press conference yesterday announcing the new service, said that the airline views improving passenger service as one of its main sources of future growth, as set out in its strategic plan.

The airline considers the new home check-in service to be the one of the most important improvements for travelers that it can make, said Romano.

The company believs the early check-in service will save valuable time for busy business people; business travelers judge the time spent waiting at the airport as the greatest time-waster they face.