Who Can I Sue? And Other Questions

Who's responsible for the cancellations and delays?

In theory, airlines are not responsible for compensating travelers over delays that occur due to "acts of God" and not due to technical problems, even if the travelers are already waiting to board the plane. However, some airlines have decided to refund money over canceled flights, so you need to check with the individual company.

On Thursday, the first day of the delays, European airlines were assisting all foreign travelers stuck at Ben-Gurion International airport, covering hotel costs, transportation and meals. But now that's over.

Can I change my flight destination?

The policies vary depending on how much it will cost the airline. El Al, for instance, has allowed travelers to change their destinations for free (it usually costs $150). Currently the only places in Europe where planes can land are Ireland, Scotland, southern Italy (Rome), Spain and Greece. The spots on these flights are quickly filling. Plus, there's extra demand for train seats and car rentals due to the lack of flights.

My flight was canceled and I've suffered a lot of damage. Whom can I sue?

For now, no one. The airlines have told travelers that they can redeem tickets for canceled flights or reschedule them at any point in the future. Plus, your insurance is unlikely to cover the cost of extra hotel stays and lost workdays.