Where Boys Go to Become Investors

In the wake of one of the worst years on its history and at the start of a new year that shows no signs of being any better, the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange yesterday inaugurated its new visitors center.

The exchange invested NIS 5 million in the construction of the center, mostly in improving infrastructure and the video systems. The TASE logo was also changed in an effort to highlight dynamism and innovation, along with experience and reputation.

The exchange explained the move is aimed at bring the subjects of the stock exchange and the capital markets to the general public. This will be done by teaching high school and university students about the exchange, particularly through an 11th and 12th grade class on the subject, which was initiated last year by the Education Ministry and is worth two matriculation points.

The center was inspired by the Nasdaq visitors center, where television reporters can broadcast their market reports against the backdrop of the moving screens and public figures can officially ring the bell to open and close trading. After the era of traders shouting themselves hoarse on the exchange floor, it is very hard for markets to convey a sense of excitement as securities are traded with a keystroke.