Turkish Skies Still Just as Friendly, Carriers Say

While Israeli military flights have been banned from Turkish airspace, Israeli civilian flights over Turkey have been continuing as usual.

Ankara may be frowning upon Israeli military flights over Turkish territory, but civil Israeli flights are continuing as usual. Israel's Civil Aviation Authority says it has received no notice from its Turkish counterpart about any prohibition or change in flight routes.

Yesterday Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan confirmed reports from the day before, saying that Israeli military flights were banned after nine Turkish activists were killed on a Gaza-bound flotilla May 31.

Later Turkish officials told the BBC that in practice, Israeli military flights' approval would be decided on a case by case basis. Meanwhile, a single flight carrying Israeli officers to Auschwitz in Poland had to take an alternative route.

There have been no change in its flight plans, El Al stated, nor have any of the foreign airlines operating in Israel received any notice about their flights from Tel Aviv being unwelcome in Turkish skies.