The Method / Hollow Talk

Lawyer Shlomo Nass and accountant Gabriel Trabelsi were sure they'd have the Clubmarket saga behind them and tens of millions of shekels in their pockets in just a few more moments. Everything seemed so simple - creditors have no right to express an opinion, the official property receiver would be coached in advanced to hand over some type of agreement, the control committee quietly cooperated. All that was left was for Tel Aviv district judge Varda Alshech to sign the decision.

In normal situations, requests passed onto the judge are open to the public, they can be photographed and reported in the papers. In the case of a service fee request, the trustees, who danced a tango with the press during the past year, suddenly preferred to behave modestly.

But the plan went awry. TheMarker published yesterday news of the request along with its details. The fear of the creditors was realized - the banks rushed to block it.

Whoever asks NIS 52 million from creditors, whose lost debts of millions of shekels puts them closer to receivership, has got to supply a better explanation other than "you need to pay for good work."