Taxman Owes Millions to Disabled

The tax authorities owe tens of millions of shekels to people with disabilities who were injured in workplace accidents, according to National Insurance Institute (NII) law expert and the CEO of a center for disability rights, Livnat Poran.

Poran said that disabled persons with over 90 percent disability are entitled to a full tax exemption on any allowances they receive, while those with a lower disability level are not entitled to such exemptions.

But based on a study she conducted last year, Poran said hundreds, if not thousands, of workers with 90 percent or higher disability were told by the tax authorities that they were not entitled to the full exemption. They had been told that the original decision of the NII's medical committees was not acceptable, and that they had to report for an additional examination conducted by another medical commission to receive the exemption.

Poran said the tax regulations explicitly state that an NII medical committee decision is binding on the tax authority.

She said that workers have been cheated for years by claims that the decisions were not acceptable for tax purposes, and therefore, were falsely denied tax exemptions.