TAU Graduates Rated Most-wanted by Employers

Tel Aviv University is the academic institute that produces the most sought-after graduates, according to a survey by the New Wave Research Institute.

In a survey that covered some 163 employers in such diverse fields such as marketing, advertising, accountancy and law, 34.4 percent voted Tel Aviv University as the finest academic institute in its ability to educate and produce qualified professional graduates.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem came second in the survey, with a vote of 24.4 percent. In third place came the College of Management (academic branch) with 20.9 percent, followed by Bar-Ilan University with 13.5 percent.

And how did the employers decide?

In answer to what employers expected academia to instill in their graduates, they listed, in order: knowledge, professional training, experience and practical application. While knowledge was appreciated highest by the law offices, professional training was most sought after in advertising.

The employers were also asked to grade the most important qualities of their graduate staffers. The employers considered an individual's creative thought as the most important characteristic (70.6 percent voted for this) followed by ambition, work experience, being most up-to-date in their field and putting theory into practice.