Tadiran Staff Meet to Protest Merger

Workers of defense company Tadiran Communications are to hold a protest assembly at their Holon plant today, during working hours, to decide on "steps to thwart the planned merger [with Elbit Systems and Elisra]."

The meeting will be attended by the workers' attorneys. The disgruntled employees will consider legal action, stepping up industrial protests and even striking. "We will not allow the merger process to continue without an agreement that satisfactorily meets our demands on wage conditions in the new merged unit," one worker said yesterday.

The union sent a letter earlier this week to all Tadiran directors warning them that they may sue them over the merger and that "due to the danger of emptying the company's coffers and the undermining of the workers' security, the ability of the company to fulfill its obligations regarding wages, associated work conditions, compensation and pension contributions [may be hampered.]"

Tadiran employs 600 workers, 450 of them represented by the union.

The merger of the defense companies is part of an overall consolidation in the defense sector, led by Koor Industries and Elbit Systems, which signed a complex purchase agreement last month which included Tadiran's future restructuring.