Swiss Report: Leumi Fraud Was $87 Million More Than Claimed

The embezzlement at Leumi Switzerland last year was in excess of $191 million, the Swiss magazine, Weltwoche, reported yesterday. Leumi had claimed the fraud had involved a sum of $104 million.

The Swiss magazine quotes a senior official at the office of the prosecutor general in Zurich. The office is handling the suit against Ernst Imfeld, a former Leumi employee who is charged with the embezzlement. Leumi responded that Weltwoche's report was incorrect, and that the correct amount was $104 million, for which the bank has made allowances in its books. Leumi has also submitted a claim to its insurers, but a decision on this matter has not yet been made.

"The bank's assessment was certified by the CPAs and received all other necessary approvals," the bank's spokesperson said. The allowance for doubtful debt incorporates the total damage incurred, including amounts that clients may dispute.

The online news service, The Marker, reported this week that some of the clients have hired attorney Yaakov Neeman to represent them in a lawsuit they intend to bring against Leumi Switzerland.