Survey: Most Teens Exploited at Work

Of the tens of thousands of teens who used their summer vacation to work, 87% did not receive their full salary and 7% did not receive pay at all, Oketz Systems found.

Oketz CEO Ami Bergman said the company's survey found that many teens were being exploited by their employers. A total of 87% were not paid for working overtime, 6.8% were paid later than allowed by law, and 6.7% were not paid at all. The company surveyed 3,400 teens in July and August who were employed in various sectors including restaurants and factories.

Of the respondents, 57.7% were not reimbursed for travel expenses and 27.4% did not receive pay slips. Plus, 86.4% were hired without filling out the proper paperwork and 42.7% were not allowed to take breaks as required by law.

And these are just the teens working at places that reported their employment, said Bergman. Companies that aren't reporting their teenage workers might even be treating them worse, he said.