Survey: Men Prefer Jobs That Offer More Responsibility

Of all women seeking work, 72 percent prefer positions with little responsibility, according to a survey conducted by Agens Israel, one of the operators of the employment program known as the Wisconsin Plan. In the survey on "the ideal workplace," conducted among 30-55 year-old men and women seeking work, respondents were asked about the second most important benefit sought in employment, after salary.

Fifty-four percent of the women responded that they wanted to leave the home and meet new people, while 25 percent were seeking a career. Among respondents 18 percent find it sufficient to obtain interesting work, while 12 percent seek employment for "self-realization," in other words, an expression of positive or apparent talents.

The situation among men is very different. Sixty-eight percent of all men surveyed seek a career and 22 percent of them seek interest in their work. Only 10 percent of all men seeking work said they merely want to get out of the home to meet new people.

In response to the question: "What would better help you realize your aspirations in the workplace?", 67 percent of the women identified assistance from their partner with housework.