Strauss, Cellcom 'Most Innovative'

"New" and "innovative" have been overused words in the Israeli advertising field for the past few years. Every new product uses the "new and improved" tag in one way or an other, but it seems that this strategy contributes to a company's image.

When the Israeli public is asked which are the most innovative firms in the country, they first name those with the greatest number of new products, and not necessarily those that are the most innovative.

Strauss-Elite is Israel's most innovative company, say 4.6 percent of the public, according to TheMarker's survey conducted in conjunction with Market Watch.

Cellcom is a very close second, with 4.5 percent of the vote. In general, the cellular firms lead as a sector, with 11 percent in total - Partner with 3 percent and Pelephone with 2 percent.

In fourth place overall is another food company, Tnuva, with 2.3 percent.

It seems that competition based on a large number of new products is what influences Israeli consumers most in contributing to the innovative image.

Other companies mentioned with over 2 percent are: Teva, Sony, Toshiba, Nokia and Electra.

Nevertheless, the most common answer was "Do not know", as about half of all Israelis could not think of a single company that they considered innovative. (S.K.)