Steinitz Cancels Debate on Netanyahu Rail Plan

Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz canceled a meeting with his advisory forum on investment in the railway system for the second time in a row this week. No new date has been scheduled.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister's Office has continued to energetically promote plans for massive investment in the railway system in Israel - NIS 40 billion to NIS 70 billion over the coming decade.

The forum meeting was to have provided an opportunity for Finance Ministry representatives and academia experts, who have raised strenuous objections to the plan, to present their professional opinions and help the finance minister consolidate his stance on the matter.

In light of the cancellation it is unclear exactly how Steinitz can consolidate a stance, and there is some concern that the cancellation means that he does not wish to take an adamant position against the plan that would put him at loggerheads with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.