State Could Limit Land Ownership Under Amendment to New Law

An amendment has been added to the new law governing the Israel Lands Administration due to be voted on tomorrow in the Knesset. The change would allow the ILA to prevent the owners of large tracts of land from participating in tenders to buy more. Another change will allow the new lands authority to force a land owner to sell all or part in order to increase competition.

The land reforms have been severely criticized since they were first announced a few months ago. The bill includes replacing the ILA with a new land authority and selling off state land that no can only be leased. Only 7% of the land is now in private hands, and the new law would allow selling off another 4%. Opponents worry the rich will be able to buy up and control large tracts of land.

In addition, the opposition is planning a filibuster. The debate started yesterday and the filibuster is scheduled to begin this afternoon and last all night.