Staffers to Get NIS 8,000 Bonus for Moving to New Airport Terminal

Some 180 airport workers are to receive bonuses for moving into the new terminal at Ben-Gurion Airport. The Israel Airport Authority reached agreement yesterday with its employees with academic degrees over their bonuses for moving into Terminal 3 last November.

The deal provides for NIS 8,000 bonuses for each of the 180 tenured workers with academic degrees, primarily consisting of engineers and technicians. The deal complements a broader agreement to award NIS 8,000 bonuses to some 1,000 tenured employees.

Degree-bearing IAA employees are counted among the groups with the highest wages in the public sector, alongside senior employees in banks, the Israel Electric Corporation, Mekorot and sea ports.

The agreement also calls for some of them to receive a grade promotion, translating into a 6 percent pay raise, as well as an increase of 10 percent in culture and social allowances.

The deal with these employees will cost NIS 1.5 million and the entire deal will lighten IAA coffers upwards of NIS 10 million. The deal requires approval by the IAA board, the Finance Ministry and the engineers' trade unions.