Soda Sales Slumped 35% on Weekend

Slowly but surely, the Central Bottling Company's recall of its Coca-Cola and other soft drinks due to strange smells is having an effect on sales.

Supermarket chains reported that sales were down 20% to 25% Sunday last week, and as much as 35% on Friday.

Two weeks ago, when it was reported that the company was quietly recalling bottles of Coca-Cola and Diet Coke over the strange smell, retailers were optimistic, reporting that sales were down only 2%.

Last week the company expanded the recall to include some bottles of Diet Sprite and Kinley Soda as well as cans of Coca-Cola and Diet Cola.

It seems that as public awareness grows, sales are indeed suffering - even though the company said the products are safe to drink despite being unpalatable.

That didn't prevent two requests for class-action suits against the company from being filed, demanding NIS 105 million and NIS 24.5 million, respectively.

Meanwhile, competitors Pepsi-Cola and RC Cola have been picking up some of the slack - their sales were up 7%, retailers reported. ()