Shock Sufferers Also to Receive Compensation

Hundreds of civilians who have been treated in medical clinics or hospitalized as a result of the hostilities in the North have been diagnosed as suffering from shock. They have no physical injuries, but have experienced panic and anxiety as a result of Katyusha missile attacks nearby.

National Insurance Institute (NII) officials have begun visiting patients in hospitals to talk about the monetary awards they are due to receive. The NII can provide money for immediate needs, such as short-term hotel stays or transportation for family members.

CEO of the Center for the Exercise of Medical Rights, Livnat Poran, says that the amount paid to those suffering from shock depends on the level of disability assigned to them. If the NII's medical committee assigns a disability rate below 20 percent, the compensation consists of a one-time lump sum. In the case of disability over 20 percent, the insuree is eligible for a lifetime monthly stipend.

The amount of the one-time sum granted to a victim of hostile actions depends on the exact degree of disability, and comes to tens of thousands of shekels.

Poran said that someone with a 10-percent disability is entitled to a one-time payment of NIS 40,000, while one with a 19-percent disability is entitled to NIS 90,000.

The monthly stipend for victims of hostile actions also depends on the degree of disability assigned by the NII medical committee. A person with 20-percent disability receives a regular payment not exceeding NIS 700 per month. For every additional 10 percent of disability, the monthly allowance is increased by NIS 300. So someone suffering a 29-percent disability would receive a monthly allowance of about NIS 1,000.

A person who was injured by hostile actions during work can choose between a stipend for victims of hostile actions or one for victims of work accidents.

A worker with a gross monthly salary at the time of the accident and a 10-percent disability would receive a one-time payment of NIS 30,000 in the case of the latter.

An employee with the same salary but a disability of 20-percent or higher would receive NIS 1,500 per month, and each additional 10 percent of disability increases the monthly amount by NIS 750.

"Anyone who is injured at work should think carefully before choosing between work injury and hostile action," Poran says. She says that someone whose salary is higher than the national average (about NIS 7,500) with a 20-percent or higher disability usually should choose the work accident option.