Secretary Sues Plasson for Ageism

Shoshana Roth is suing plastics manufacturer Plasson for unwarranted dismissal. She is asking for NIS 268,000, saying the company fired her for being too old.

Roth, 59, says the company broke the law mandating equal opportunity on the job, and says her termination left her without income: All she has is the remains of an inheritance left by her husband.

Throughout her 18 years at Plasson, she performed her job diligently, Roth says, and not once did her superiors complain about her. In September 2006, she was asked to transfer to a technical position - solving problems - in customer service. She argued that she wasn't a technician, she was a secretary.

After she refused to move, Roth claims, Plasson's management siphoned off the content of her job, stopped inviting her to department meetings and finally fired her in November 2006.