Report: Israeli Mineral Water Company Closes Site Due to Scottish Boycott

Mayanot Eden claims report is untrue; warehouse in Loanhead, south of Edinburgh, shuts down.

A Gush Shalom report claims that European anger at Israeli companies producing goods beyond the Green Line is causing real harm to some companies, one of which is reportedly mineral water producer Mayanot Eden.

The report claims Mayanot Eden (coloquially known as "Mei Eden") had to close its warehouse in the town of Loanhead, south of Edinburgh.

The shutdown reportedly followed an extended boycott campaign by pro-Palestinian organizations in Scotland, though the Israeli company claims the report to be untrue.

According to the leftist group, many organizations, including universities, colleges, trade unions, local and regional authorities and shipping giant Caledonian MacBrayn have cancelled their contracts with Eden Springs, Mayanot Eden's subsidiary in Britain.

Posters and fliers distributed in Edinburgh and surrounding towns promote the boycott on the grounds that Mayanot Eden is violating the Hague Convention by making commercial use of water from a natural source in the Golan Heights, which is occupied territory.

A spokesman for Mayanot Eden confirmed that for the past few years pro-Palestinian groups in England and Scotland have been trying to increase public awareness of the connection between the Eden Springs branches in Europe and the Israeli owners, and to promote a boycott of the company's products.

"Even so," said the spokesman, "we have found no connection between those extreme activities and the few clients who have stopped using our services. The company has not closed any of its offices or warehouses in Scotland. Just the opposite. We are considering expanding our operations in England and Scotland."