Railways Install Radars to Prevent Car-train Crashes

Six months after the fatal train accident near Beit Yehoshua, Israel Railways has completed the installation of a pilot radar system that will locate blockages on tracks.

The system is the fourth - and final - in the pilot project, and was installed in Kfar Vitkin where the road and tracks cross. The system will identify a blockage on the tracks near the road crossing, and will automatically signal trains to stop.

The radar is activated when the crossing barriers start closing, and scans the area between the barriers. The system is connected directly to the railway's signaling system.

The four pilot apparatuses have been installed over the last two months in grade level crossings in Beit Yehoshua, Atlit, Hadera and now Kfar Vitkin.

Israel Railways has been examining a number of possible solutions for the safety problem over the past year, and has even published an international request for information on the matter.

Other possible solutions being studied by an outside consulting firm are: various types of electromagnetic detectors; volume, pressure and contact sensors; location detectors; and audio and video systems; as well as radar.

After the tests are finished, the prefered devices will be chosen and installed in other road-rail crossings.