Postal Workers Threaten Full-blown Strike Sunday

Postal employees are causing work disruptions and are also threatening to ramp up labor actions into a full blown strike on Sunday, despite progress this week in meetings between Finance Minister Abraham Hirchson and Communications Minister Ariel Atias. The two agreed on a fee structure policy - the very reason workers took labor actions this past week in the first place.

Postal branches and postal banks have been closing early to the public this week. It has been impossible to carry out income tax or VAT payments, and mobile postal services to rural areas and diplomatic mail have been shut down.

The Tax Authority decided yesterday that if the strike continues on Sunday it will postpone deadlines for reporting and paying VAT and income tax until Wednesday, April 18 to ease the burden on the public.

Postal Union Head Reuven Karazi rejected the Hirchson-Atias deal as "insufficient" and demanded cancellation of the fee policy set by government committee.

Labor sanctions bore their first fruit when the Knesset's Economic Committee, headed by MK Moshe Kahlon postponed the vote it was to hold this week on the new policy.