PM's Bureau: Cohen Is History for Head of GCA

Doron Cohen's planned appointment to head the Government Companies Authority will not be presented to the cabinet for approval as scheduled at this Sunday's meeting: It has been postponed while Attorney General Menachem Mazuz investigates whether Cohen failed to disclose all required information on his application for the job. TheMarker revealed at the beginning of the week that Cohen did not report his activities on behalf of Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz, who nominated Cohen to be director general of the GCA, to the search committee.

An official in the Prime Minister's Bureau said yesterday: "Cohen's appointment is history, and we need to discuss a new candidate. The finance minister needs to retreat from this appointment and find a new candidate."

A legal source added: "There will be great difficulty getting the appointment approved by the cabinet in light of Cohen's activities on behalf of Steinitz, which were not reported in his application." The Justice Ministry said Mazuz's investigation was still underway.

Steinitz has insisted over the past few days that the cabinet would vote on the appointment Sunday. Yesterday, however, the Prime Minister's Bureau said the vote would be put off.

Cohen insists that he did report all relevant information on his relationship with Steinitz to the committee.