Passover Gift for Workers Worth Average of NIS 500 This Year

Employers gave their workers Passover gifts worth 4% less than last year, for an average of NIS 510, reported Michal Segal, who chairs the Manufacturers Association "Made in Israel" (Blue-White) association.

Segal said that 83% of all companies give employees gift vouchers for the holiday, 11% give them checks or cash, and 6% give them goods. Of the products gifted, 92% are made in Israel.

Gifts usually are given 10 days prior to the holiday. At 59% of the companies, the CEO decides on the gift, at 43% the human resources manager makes the choice, and workers associations decide in 11% of all cases (in some workplaces, the decision is made jointly).

Of the companies that choose to give gift vouchers, 56% choose which voucher to give based on the discount rate. Another 37% choose based on the size of the chain issuing the voucher, and 7% choose based on other factors.

Segal estimates that all employees will receive NIS 1.9 billion in gift vouchers this Passover. Industrial workers, who are generally poorer paid, will receive NIS 240 million of that sum.