Olmert Taking Dinur With Him to Livnat

Only a few days after former prime minister Ehud Olmert was appointed chairman of the Avraham Livnat Group, his long-time confidant and aide Raanan Dinur was named a candidate for the chief executive officer spot at of one of the group's subsidiaries.

Taavura Tivzoret is part of the bulk haulage business of the Avraham Livnat Group's Taavura holdings group, which owns 42% of the company. Taavura Tivzoret transports cement in bulk, which comes from the group's Nesher cement factory.

Dinur told TheMarker yesterday that he has been in contact with the owners since the summer. "They called me one morning out of the blue and I agreed to meet with them," he said.

Dinur worked in private industry before joining government service alongside Olmert. He was the CEO of Telad for seven years and the CEO of Audionautics for two years.

Dinur has been with Olmert since the latter was mayor of Jerusalem. He was the director general of the Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry and then of the Prime Minister's Office, both under Olmert.