No 'Sex and the City' Ads in Jerusalem and Petach Tikva

The movie "Sex and the City" can't be advertised on billboards in Jerusalem or Petah Tikva. Why? Because the ads show the word "sex", advertising firm Maximedia advised the distributors Forum Films and publicist, Golan Advertising. The movie, starring Sarah Jessica Parker and based on the popular TV series of the same name, won an R rating in the U.S.

"The news was a great shock," said a spokesman for Forum Films said. "We have not asked to advertise nudity, or messages that may be offensive to the general public and the ultra-Orthodox community in particular. Nevertheless, this is the name of the movie. We feel that it is ridiculous to prohibit us from advertising the brand without naming it," he added.

The company added that it would consult with the movie's production company about what to do about continued advertising in these cities. Maximedia CEO Shai Keidar, who receives a franchise from the municipalities, has signed an agreement which forbids him from posting signs that would offend the public, and has no intention of fighting the decision.

"Naturally, I don't ask the municipality to approve just any poster," he said. "Our decision was based on long years of work and acquaintance with the municipalities. The posters will appear in other cities."