No More Waiting in Line to Coordinate Income Tax Withholding

Salaried workers with more than one job no longer need to wait in line at the Tax Authority to get the withholding forms and rates they must provide to each employer. Instead, taxpayers can now go directly to the Finance Ministry's site at and fill out the forms themselves. The documents will arrive in the mail a few days later.

Until now, people had to go to the income tax offices in person and wait in line for the clerks to calculate the different rates for each employer. However, you can do it yourself only once a year. If you need to adjust or correct the rates later in the year, you will still have to appear in person. In addition, you can only use the site if have six or fewer employers and are only requesting exemptions that appear on the standard list.

The online service can also be used to check your withholding rates without having to send the information to the Tax Authority.