No Changing Yet at Tafnukim Diapers' Amir Plant

Clear Chemicals, a manufacturer of detergents and paper products for health institutions, has offered to buy equipment from Amir Paper Products, the manufacturer of the Tafnukim diaper brand, which was granted court protection from its creditors last week.

"We met with [Israel] Discount Bank, one of the company's creditors," Clear Chemicals CEO Avichai Vardi said yesterday, "and we made an offer for the equipment. They want a global offer." Sources close to Clear Chemicals said the company was waiting for more information from Oren Gottesman, Amir's court-appointed trustee.

But Gottesman pointed out that the documentation filed with Nazareth District Court was available for all interested parties and he would not prepare business plans or cash flows on their behalf. "Whoever wants a cash flow of the plant can produce it themselves and take responsibility for the job," Gottesman replied. "We don't do business plans for anyone."

The trustee had advised Clear to look over the Tafnukim plant on Kibbutz Amir, which was also awarded court protection, after which the company offered to buy only the machinery for production of adult diapers. "I am opposed to a piecemeal sale of the plant," Gottesman said, "because then there will be no chance of the plant returning to production and the employees coming back to work."

Sources believe the trustee would be more attracted to an offer from Hezi Nissan, of Nissan Medical Industries, a manufacturer of surgical dressings, which has cooperated with Amir Paper Products on other manufacturing plants in the north. However, Nissan, who had offered to inject cash into continuing operations at Amir on a stop-gap basis, repeated yesterday that he was not interested in buying the plant.

Amir Paper Products and Kibbutz Amir were granted 60 days court protection from creditors after amassing debts of NIS 270 million. Of this NIS 110 million was by the company and NIS 160 million by the kibbutz.