New Wisconsin Plan to Employ 10,000 in Manufacturing

Manufacturers Association president Shraga Brosh said yesterday that the changes Industry and Trade Minister Eli Yishai has introduced into the Wisconsin Plan will place 10,000 unemployed into factory jobs over the next two years.

Brosh said this at a discussion held by Bank of Israel Deputy Governor Zvi Eckstein. The original welfare-to-work program was not partnered with the business and industry sector, said Brosh, but Yishai's changes have gotten it involved, which will lead to less unemployment.

"This is the first time Yishai has made changes to the program, mostly by adding professional training and retraining for the unemployed," said Brosh. "This will give them better chances of entering productive sectors like manufacturing."

Yishai's main changes include paying the companies that run the Wisconsin program based on the number of people for whom they find employment, assessing workers independently, removing unsuited participants from the program, and increasing the amount of professional training.

The main measure for evaluating the program's success will be the number of people placed in jobs.