New Export Industry: Probiotic Carob Candy

Carmit Alroy, daughter of business baron Yitzhak Tshuva, is negotiating to sell a "probiotic product," that her company Pharmacin makes from carob chocolate, to five European drug stores. Pharmacin "manufactures natural Chinese remedies and health products," it claims. Its Web site claims that it provides answers to health problems for people of all ages.

The carob chocolate is made by means of patented technology that makes the live probiotic bacteria live longer, says Pharmacin.

The company hopes to sell to the likes of Real, which belongs to the Metro chain that owns about 600 "hyper-markets" in Europe, and to Rewe, which sells throughout the continent.

Alroy says Pharmacin, which sells in Israel through drugstore and grocery chains, achieved NIS 10 million turnover last year.