Mizrahi Bank to File Complaint Against Tefahot Union Boss

United Mizrahi bank management is to serve a criminal complaint today in the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court against the head of the former Tefahot Bank workers committee, Shaul Shauly. Since the merger last month of Mizrahi with its mortgage subsidiary Tefahot, Shauly has served on the joint bank workers committee.

The complaint centers on an event several months ago, when a document disappeared from an internal mail bag in one of the Mizrahi bank branches. The classified document, which contained the conclusions of a Tefahot Bank management meeting, had been sent to members of the management of both banks and eventually found its way to Shauly. The bank management claim that in using the internal classified material, Shauly acted against the law of privacy.

In the long-running labor dispute at Mizrahi/Tefahot over the merger, Shauly filed a suit in the Labor Court against the bank that was based on this internal document. In the court ruling of December 6, 2004, the judge noted that Shauly refused to disclose who had given him the document, saying only that the papers had come to him, "I don't know how."

Chair of the Mizrahi workers committee Sara Lazarovich said "The criminal complaint, if it is filed, is an attempt to plot against a [committee] member carrying out his duties. First the management tried to intimidate the committee's legal adviser, and now it's the turn of a committee member. It won't help management."

A spokesman for Mizrahi said that even in an industrial dispute, "rules of fair play and the law must be observed."