Miss Work Because of Bad Weather? No Pay for You

Did the stormy weather deter you from venturing outdoors and going to work? You won't be entitled to regular pay and stand to lose a vacation day, warns manpower expert Ami Bergman, co-CEO of Oketz Systems, which develops manpower-related software.

"Even if the employee didn't show up for work for reasons... such as flooding or damage to his car because of the weather, he wouldn't be entitled to [receive] pay on the day of absence," warns Bergman.

If an employer suspects workers will skip the job en masse because of inclement weather, he can declare a day off in advance - and that day will be deducted from vacation time. If, however, a worker shows up and only then is advised that the company will be closing for the day, he will get paid in full, Bergman says.

Of course, companies can choose not to penalize workers when snowstorms, flooding or other weather-related problems prevent them from coming to work. If that is the company's usual practice, says Bergman, they should continue. He also urges employers to prepare systems in advance which would allow people to work from the home, where appropriate, noting that today's technology offers cellular attendance systems that enable workers to clock in and out from home.