Meuhedet Officers Top 2006 Wage Report

Public-sector pay averages NIS 11,733 a month, gross. Uzi Salant grossed NIS 112,614.

According to the annual Wages Report, the salaries of civil service managers averaged NIS 23,249 in 2006. The average gross salary in the civil service stood at NIS 11,733. The top earner in 2006 was the director of Meuhedet health maintenance organization, Uzi Salant, who grossed NIS 84,998 a month. His wage cost was NIS 112,614.

The second highest salary in the civil service was earned by an HMO Maccabi Health Services employee: NIS 82,800. The third place champion salary earner was Shmuel Mualem, also with Meuhedet, and the HMO's VP and director of human resources, with a salary of NIS 79,694. Mualem beat Maccabi Health Service's director Shuki Shemer, who was satisfied with a salary of NIS 76,918. Salant, Mualem and Shemer have starred in every civil service wages report in recent years.

The figures were taken from the 2006 report issued by the Finance Ministry wages director Eli Cohen, published yesterday. The report includes a table of the top 1,000 salary earners in the civil service.

According to the report, all of the top six wage earners in 2006 were employees of HMOs Maccabi (two employees) or Meuhedet (four employees).

The first name included in the list of leading salaries who is not a health system employee, placed a respectable seventh on the list, and works for the Ruppin Academic Center. According to the report, in bodies which file tax reports (not including government ministries), the total cost of salaries reached NIS 43.4 billion (NIS 32.36 billion not including employee costs, retroactive payments or retirement payments).

The wage director's report of 2006 also stars Bank of Israel managers and employees. The cost of wages in government corporations reached a total of NIS 14 billion.

The director's 14th annual report includes data on 274,892 employees in the civil service who held 226,181 positions. The report is divided into two sections. The first section contains data received by the director of wages from all bodies budged and supported by the government. The second section presents the activities of the enforcement unit in 2007, and alleged salary aberrations in the sector in 2006, as well as court rulings on this issue.

A total of 696 out of the 706 bodies required to report to the director (98.6%) did in fact submit their report.

The report contains a separate review of Bank of Israel employees and employees of Clalit Health Services, because of the unusual wage structure implemented in these bodies. An additional column is maintained for these two, containing data titled as "Actual Gross Salary," which includes salary additions that are recognized only in these organizations.

In 2006, apparent wage aberrations were found in 135 bodies. Of these, 75% had up to two wage aberrations each. An alleged aberration is defined as a situation where the salary of a senior employee or professional rank exceeded that of similar employees in the civil service by more than 5%, between 2005 and 2006.