Messages / Leave Shari Alone

Now that all and sundry have tried Shari Arison and found her guilty, it's my turn to try her. I find her innocent, and rise in her defense. I am not, of course, calling for mercy or consideration to be shown to the girl who grew up with Ted, who was apparently the first to notice the eccentricities of his daughter. I'd like to see you grow up with a father like Ted, before he leaves you his billions. I do call on you to appreciate her persona and works, and identify with them.

In the morning I read that the Yedioth Ahronoth journalist Nahum Barnea, a long-time customer of Bank Hapoalim, is worried. What will happen to his deposits? Are they in responsible hands, he frets.

I'm also a client of Hapoalim and I haven't betrayed its trust in the last 40 years. But unlike Barnea, I'm not worried at all. On the contrary. I envision a safe, promising horizon for my savings and checking account.

This is why: The problem of Barnea and his ilk is that they see the world through material eyes, not spiritual ones, as Shari and I, and many other good people see things. They simply don't understand, these worried people out there, what world they live in. They think that even after the global economic crisis we live in the same old world, supposedly governed by cool logic. No, dear readers. That world is gone and will probably not return. We are in the New Age, which is run by lofty, invisible visions and messages.

To Shari Arison's credit it has to be said that she represents the new world openly, without trepidation. She does it with courage and integrity, looking people straight in the eye, not like other chieftains - be they in control of companies or political systems - who do exactly what she does, but secretly. They hide in confessionals and whisper to rabbis, who peer into their innards, like the x-ray rabbi and other celebrities and wizards who people the nation, mainly its southern part.

It's all a question of personal taste. I prefer the nutcases who dared and stepped out of the closet to the ones still skulking inside. Moreover, in the past year we have seen the pros at work, in all their uselessness and myopia. The number of economists who predicted the meltdown can be counted on one trembling hand.

How are they any better than the hearers of voices or seers of visions?