Mayanot Eden Resumes Pumping

Mayanot Eden yesterday resumed producing bottled mineral water yesterday, with the blessing of the Health Ministry. Ten days ago the company and rival producer Neviot both stopped pumping spring water following the presence of bacterial contamination in the water.

Neviot resumed production on Sunday, two days before Mayanot Eden, which is usually known as Mey Eden. Although Mayanot Eden has resumed pumping from the spring, it said, it will only begin selling the water 48 hours after more testing by the Health Ministry.

The companies were slow to admit the nature of the contamination at first. Mayanot Eden was first to reveal the problem, on February 15. The next morning, Neviot followed suit. Both companies stressed that all water on store shelves were safe for use.

Industry circles surmise that the problems arose following heavy rains in the days before the bad tests, which swept contaminants from the surroundings into the springs.